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Mandatory reserves

Entrepreneurs involved in fuel production or import are obliged to create and maintain mandatory reserves.

Due to the fact that a properly filled application takes effort and time, Taxalia Group is able to prepare a duly completed application for the entry into the register kept by the Material Reserves Agency and assist by completing all the necessary formal requirements.

We are able to draw up monthly reports for the Material Reserves Agency, as well as, on behalf of the Client, to submit the reports in compliance with the statutory requirements and documentation provided by the Client to both the Material Reserves Agency and the competent minister for economy. We can take full responsibility for the reports and thus relieve the client of the obligation.

We guarantee that the documentation prepared by Taxalia Group will comply with the requirements of the regulator and will enable the client immunity to the millions of zloty penalties for breaching the obligations concerning the fuel brought in and assures complete safety and comfort during the process being carried out.